You can send me flowers but not spam!

Why is it that people think that just because they know you or that you have given them your email address they have the right to add it to a mailing list and then send you tons of spam? Please don’t do it. It is annoying and makes me not like you any more!

I have no objections being added to a mailing list if I am asked first and it is something I am particularly interested in receiving. And provided there is an easy way to stop the list arriving to my email box I am happy.

I have also noted that some people think that for no reason I can immediately think of is that I am similarly interested in their silly jokes and stupid photographs they have discovered on the Internet and wish to send me too. I am not thank you very much. If I want jokes and stupid photos, I can look at my own website where I make plenty of mistakes that amuse not only myself but plenty of others!

We accept that spam is part and parcel of the Internet and email, but when people you know sent it you it is frankly quite offensive.

April 24th, 2010 by