Working on the next Script

I think I am finally on track with the script I have been working on for the next Bald Explorer video I am producing. After a few false starts, I am finally finding my feet with this series. With luck and good weather, when I come to film this episode, it will be more coherent than the previous ones. Famous last words of course.

I am slightly worried about the potential for snow. I don’t want that ruining my continuity. Snow is all very well, but if you are filming scenes with the stuff and you need to go back and take pick up shots and then its not there, that can be problematical.

Also, another thing I want to avoid is the Christmas decorations all over the place. That really dates a production, especially if it is not released during that season or relevant to the religious festival.

Today’s overcast and dark low cloud wet weather was grim and I am glad I wasn’t out filming in any of that!

November 8th, 2011 by