Where am I going?

I was surfing the other day on the Internet and I was made acutely aware that there is so much content being offered to potential listeners and viewers, some good and some dreadful, that I began to wonder where I fit into it all in the great scheme of things.

So in view of that I was wondering whether to stop prioducing  a daily radio format type show with bells and whistles and high production values, etc and perhaps concentrate on short format separate programmes. These might be individual documentaries on video and audio on a whole host of unrelated subjects. They could be accessible through the Vobes Vault or separately for a download fee.

I could then mix the Naked Englishman and Vobes Show together and produce a low key podcast which is more like a weekly audio newsletter reporting on the up and coming productions.

It has always been an issue for me with the Vobes Show ito get people to firstly find it the show, second change their habits to listen to it each day and thirdly understand the concept of paying for this type of content.

The eye is still an issue for me and preventing me doing new and exciting stuff, but when I have the operation and I am ‘normal’ again, I woud liek to have an action plan to crack on with immediately and this may well be it.

April 25th, 2010 by