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Vobes new web page
I don’t know if some of you have noticed that the Vobes website has changed and hopefully for the better. You will now see that the website reflects the nature of the show, that of a beach hut. It has been suggested that the website was not very easy to navigate and so I had been looking at ways of improving it. All the links that used to sit on the left and right hand side of the screen had been moved to a page called Menu. You can now access that page by either clicking the graphic on the left-hand side of the screen or selecting menu from the menu bar under the large photograph on the main page. Hopefully this will be easier for people to navigate and find the stuff they are looking for.

Beach Hut

In fact I’m working on a new graphic of the beach hut itself which I’m hoping we’ll be animated and sits on the front page. Here is a picture of the work in progress. I know it doesn’t look much at the moment that’s because I’m right at the beginning of the design process. Now of course you know me, there is no master plan, so I might chop and change my mind as I usually do.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope you will find that the show is more fun and addictive. Kate, my new PA and I, have been blitzing ideas for the show including a new Saturday show that will have the Vobes dashing about the countryside interviewing interesting people going on audio tours and tasting delicious things. That will probably start around the beginning of May.

I don’t envisage a drastic change to the normal shows that I produce so fear not I’m not going all wobbly on you but I hope you will find that there is more energy and a lot more interesting content. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Easter is approaching so I wish you all a very happy Easter and have as much chocolate as you possibly can manage but don’t get sick.

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