Vobes Drinks is launched

The line up of some of the tasty beverages coming up.

Today Mr. Pegram, his real name is Steve, and I have been shooting the first of a strand of Vobes programmes called Vobes Drinks. There will be other similiar sounding titles such as Vobes Walks and Vobes Rants. This should make it easy for people to find the genre they are interested in from the various types of show I produce. These are of course videos and not audio podcasts.

There will be extras and behind the scenes stuff too for the Vobes Vault Members, including the out takes and mistakes.

I shall consolidate all the videos on to one channel at www.Vobes.com very soon so although they are all over the place they will all come together. Its early days and the work is still experimental.

Check out Vobes Drinks Poachers Choice – here: http://vimeo.com/15284860

September 25th, 2010 by