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Several times, for about six months at a time, I have tried Web Casting as a way to increase the audience and entertain ‘Live’ as an addition to the normal pre-recorded podcast. Each time, with the help of Jeff Mahoney, they have been fun and technically challenging to do as we did more and more adventurous things. Lack of upload speed from my ISP and frustration at not making it earn enough to pay for itself was the main reasons why I was forced to cease on both occasions much to the dismay of the enthusiastic audience.

People do like video and I have been encouraged to produce more and more of that sort of content from the lovely listeners to the show. Working as I do in the video industry I have shunned away from it knowing that to do it properly takes time, costs money and needs people to assist. Radio, or podcasting, is so much easier and affordable.

That said, with more and more people now connecting their TV’s to the Internet and turning to independent web based content for their entertainment this is an area that I need to serious think about and get on board. Also, I think the time is right.

Fear not, the audio podcast is not going to stop. No way, that is my still very much in my blood, but a video version of the show, is necessary now and could help raise the profile of the podcast and the Vobes brand. To that end I am actively working, with Jeff, on a number of video strands for the Vobes Channel. It wont happen over night as I do want to try and keep the quality levels high. People know I am not a rich man, so I do not have a large budget to throw at it, but we shall try to do what we do best and keep the Vobes fans entertained with amusing, interesting and funny content. I shall definitely keep you posted. If this is something you would really like to see developed and have suggestions for the sort of fun you would like to see produced, do let me know in the comments box. Cheers!

September 5th, 2010 by