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A test render of the new pen and ink style graphic for the next episode of the Bald Explorer.

I have updated my Vobes Show blog and figured I could copy it over here for maximum exposure. I think I have too many blogs on the go at once. Here it is:

Yet again I have a late entry. I think I have too many blogs. There is this one on the Vobes.com web page that is supposed to be about all the goings on with the Vobes Show and me in general. Then there is a Naked Englishman blog page, which again is update on the once in a blue moon basis. Mostly taking my attention is the Bald Explorer blog and website and that is only true when I am not locked in the edit room working on the next exciting episode of the intrepid adventurer with no hair.

So a brief update then. The BBC presenters course is well on the horizon and I am looking forward to that. A week with nine other lucky people all selected as a result of the auditions and then a following 5 days being mentored one to one. That is the part I am especially looking for. I think this is what we really help to shape me focus my attention on the areas of presentation that not only works for me but that potentially will lead to some work.

The Petworth episode of the Bald Explorer is hanging together nicely in the first rough edit stage. I have to finish off the last scene, which is a visit to the old railway station and a peek inside the splendid Pullman carriages that provide a fabulous bed and breakfast experience these days. Then I have the computer graphics to complete and slot in.

I am actually very pleased with the new graphical style. I am recreating some of the buildings that have sadly disappeared in my 3D animation programme and rendering them out in a pen and ink style with a background plate of lit shaded areas. It should quite impressive and add a certain quality to the over all production. I do believe in going as far as I can in these episodes and I am learning new stuff all the time.

The Vobes Show podcast is ticking along with a weekly beer show more or less. The days of the daily dose of Vobes is I think over. It was fun to do and great experience, but I have definitely moved on from providing free content in the podasphere five or even seven as a week.

That is about all. I better drink up my tea and crack on with the video production business. A Blad man needs to get out exploring!

July 3rd, 2012 by