Trying too hard!

In reference to my last post and having tossed and turned in the night worrying about the format and content, I think I see a way though the mist.

As a creative person the tendency is to try and do the best one can. Sometimes the ability to achieve this is limited by budget and other material restrictions. When that is the case my tendency is to sink into an emotional low and fight my demons.

However, those that know me realise that I will bounce back and somehow find a way to go.

I think I am trying too hard and not taking advantage of what I can do and the abilities I do have. So, I have drawn up a plan of action and format that is simple to do and shall work on that while I take a few days off in Shropshire to see my friend Harriet.

Expect more video shows soon though.

September 20th, 2010 by