The World and its Brother

The Herd Instinct

Why is it that people love to follow the rest of the world to the same place as every one else?

Harriet and I chose to go for a walk over the Shropshire Hills today at a place called Carding Mill Valley. It is an area of outstanding beauty and quite a few people decided to do likewise. But why oh why do they want to sit in the car park with the world and his brother and have a picnic. I would have thought with all the space the Shropshire Hills offer there is plenty of little spots you could go to be alone and enjoy the scenery, but no, they all wanted to stay down at the bottom adjacent to their cars and others munching their sandwiches.

Harriet and I recorded a podcast of our walk and posted a few photos on Twitpic.

August 30th, 2010 by