The Stiperstones, Shropshire

Harriet on the Stipperstones
For the 1500 show I am out in the countryside with my friend Harriet and this time we are exploring the fabulous Stipperstones on the top of the Shropshire Hills.

The Stiperstones are a quartize rock formation which is the result of the last ice age. They are about 480 million years old and stand on the crest of a five mile ridge. The highest one is about 1750 feet above sea level and apart from the jutting rocks there is also a spree of smaller boulders all around the heather and grass hill tops.

The Shropshire Way

Around the 18th Century there was a very productive lead mining industry at the base of the hill in an area known as the Bog, so called because at one time it was a wet and boggy place. The Romans were here many year before also mining for lead.

The jutting Stiperstones

I was totally invigorated to see these marvellous stones. You had to be careful where you put your feet as there was hundreds of the quartize boulders all over the place. Definitely a fabulous place to visit, especially with a good friend.

June 24th, 2010 by