The New Website

Welcome to the New Look Naked Englishman website. I hope you are going to like it and find it easy to navigate. Jeff Mahoney has been working real hard to get the right look and feel for the ‘Nude Dude’ and all praise goes to him for sorting out the new hub for the Vobes personal online journal.

There will be the same old podcasts, raw and unedited, recording on the go wherever I am, giving you the low down on the glamorous life of an Internet Entertainer and Podcaster. Also you will get to see the new videos I shall be making and of course keep up with the Twitter feed.

I believe there is an RSS feed, but as yet I haven’t worked out where it is or how to access it, but I am sure Jeff knows all about it.

Of course, the other thing I should say is that the podcasts are now free and no longer situated in the Vobes Vault. Things are changing and we hope you will like them.

August 26th, 2010 by