The Future

My Dad
Is this my future? No its my dad and I hope one day to reach the same age as him. He will be 78 this year and he doesn’t look too bad for that age, even if he does potter in the garden and watch the birds on the bird table.

I popped round yesterday, on my birthday and had a nice cup of tea with him, as apposed to a nasty cup of tea of course, and he was amazed at the technology of the Blackberry device I have. I took the above picture and tweeted it instantly and within a minute or two I had responses from Listeners Robert Reed in Austin, Texas and Simon Brown, near Cambridge. My dad was staggered and at the same time thrilled.

The future for the Vobes Show is looking good. Assuming the cancer lump is just a freckle that came away with the removal of the eye leaving nothing else, and I shall find out more about that at the end of August, then there is a good chance I shall live to a long and ripe old age. Of course, Jimmy may decide to run me over with his bus, so I must remember to be nice to him.

Jeff Mahoney has been working quietly behind the scenes on the templates and coding of the new website. There will be a vast improvement in the way navigation and content is ordered and I think everyone will be thrilled to visit The launch for the new site in September. I will also have my final prosthesis in and look as normal as ever I could, so that is very exciting.

In fact, I am up to Moorfields Eye Hospital on Tuesday this coming week to see the plastics team to receive my first ‘eye’. This is an off the shelf item which is temporary and to asses how I get on with a fake eye. It will be as good a match as they can muster and maybe not be perfectly aligned or identical in colour, but that’s not the point. The main thing for me is that I can remove the black tape from my glasses that currently is covering up the eye socket. Behind the patch is a ‘pink’ eye. It is really just the muscles surrounding the implant upon which the prosthetic shell will rest.

I have to say that I am very excited at having the process started. I do feel that I have my life back again and that I can get back to concentrating on the show and making it work. So September is the time to start seeing the improvements all round.

So, here’s to the future and thanks to my dear old dad for all his recent support!

July 31st, 2010 by