Tea, anyone?

Vobes, a couple of weeks after the operation
Its been a couple of weeks after the eye removal operation. The bandages have been removed and the swelling gone. The headaches and weird pressures on the socket have disappeared. Life has returned to a near normal situation. And I feel thrilled.

I have lost a lot of weight, been able to exercise, ride my bicycle and get back to a whole host of activities. Most importantly, I can walk out in daylight and even bright sunshine and no longer wince for the intense brightness. Its fabulous.

I am glad I had the operation, but I am also glad that I waited as long as I did. This has taken away the ‘What if’ nagging thoughts that would have plagued me if I had binned the eye before the previous cornea transplant. I know the doctors at Moorfields Eye Hospital did everything they could to save the eye.

I now await the fitting of the prosthesis, the fake eye, so that I can finally remove the blanked out lens from my glasses and look normal again. That will start to happen at the beginning of August when I get an off the shelf ‘eye’ to get used to and then have my final one built. The plastic surgeons will take a mold of the socket and make my unique ‘shell’ onto which they hand paint a matching eye from my other one. I am told these are incredibly good. I can’t wait. By the end of August I should have it fitted and look no different than I did before the bug killed my left eye.

I will be relaunching myself and getting back to work promoting and producing special content for the show then. Its all going to be fabulous.

July 15th, 2010 by