Sunshine and work

ne-beach We haven’t had great weather this year, so when the sun comes out and the opportunity to sit in the garden to work arises, then I have to take advantage. The importance of getting Vitamin D from the suns rays cannot be over stated either. We spend too much time in doors looking at dreaded computers screens.
Yesterday, the sun was out all day and there was little or no wind and so I rigged up an old computer with flat screen monitor in the garden. It was better than the laptop for two reasons. Firstly, the laptop screen isn’t anywhere near bright enough and second it is slower than the tower case computer. It took only a few minutes to lash the thing together and I was able to enjoy the sunshine, copious amounts of tea and write and edit my book, which thankfully is close to the end.
I love the sun and generally do not burn, although I still advise a slow build up to the time spent in it. Kids, apparently, are not getting enough sunshine and I have heard that Rickets has made a come back. Doctors are concerned as there is not a huge amount of Vitamin D in most people’s diets.
So, if you can, get out in the sun!

May 17th, 2013 by