Shopping Centre Distorys its Heritage

The Shropshire Star carried a story about plans for a new development in the centre of Shrewsbury.

I am a traditionalist and I hate these new developments that do not pay attention to a towns heritage. So I made the following comments:

I am a visitor to the wonderful market town that is Shrewsbury. Further more I am planning to make a film about the place. In doing so I have started to read and research the history of this incredible and unique community.

It seems to me that the council made a terrible mistake when they knocked down the old market hall and rebuilt the 1960’s version. The modern way is to steamroller through the historic and beauty of the town, not just this one, but most of Britain, all in the supposed name of progress. Yet when asked, people aspire live older Georgian houses because they are spacious, gorgeous to look at, have character and likely to stand the test of time.

The modern out of town rabbit hutches look old, dated and ugly already and they are only up to 50 years old.

Improving the town is one thing, but destroying the character with cheaper building materials and naff futuristic designs is quite another. What looks sexy and exciting now with all its glass and curves will look dated and old hat in 20 years – just as the 60’s development did.

If you must rebuild, then make a real investment and keep the character and style of the town with a Tudor or Georgian look. Sweeping glass and ‘green’ building materials are not going to attract the tourists and their much needed revenue into the town.

Too many towns now look the same with their hideous ‘future’ look. Don’t loose your unique identity Shrewsbury. Its what makes you a fabulous place to visit.

Why not build more traditional timber framed houses/shops – that’s a very green material after all the ones you have left have lasted over 400 years. How many of the modern 60’s to present day constructions will last that long, eh?

July 26th, 2011 by