Preparing for Winter 2012/13

My special warm office wear…

I have a feeling that it is going to be a harsh winter. Weather wise it has been a pretty shit year. I haven’t managed to get out to shoot all I wanted to as all the good weather appeared to clash with work or when assistants were unavailable. Regrettably so far I have only managed to shoot one Bald Explorer episode. The good news is that the first three are on the TV.

I have no heating in my house. When I bought it there were antiquated gas fires in several of the rooms. Over the past twenty years these have given up the ghost or proved too dangerous to keep using and have been removed. Consequently, it is cold in the winter time and incredible as it may seem, it often is colder inside than out.

Do something about it you cry! That would be nice. In the journey to follow my dreams, (the thing that feature films, books and TV programmes tell us to do), the ‘reach for the stars’ has meant that most of the time I am actually broke and just earning enough to keep my head above water. There is no cash to buy central heating. So we have to make do with expensive plug in electric fires when it is extremely cold. I know, it is my choice.

I do have a wood burning stove in my front room and it is our saviour and it does manage with the front room door open to take the edge of the temperature in the rest of the house, but logs are not cheap and burn too quickly and cold is messy and bad for the environment. You can’t win.

The energy giants who fleece us on the cost of gas and electricity and make vast profits need to be taught a lesson. There has to clever people designing new technology that can heat homes cheaper than the conventional methods. Maybe all the poor ash trees that have been affected will be sold off cheaply so people like me can buy it to keep warm? I doubt it. Any sign of a big profit and these bastards will sting us again.

So meanwhile, I press on with my projects and TV ideas in the vain hope that one day someone will spot me and think he has a good idea and pay me enough to survive. Until then I will keep wearing my woolly hat and thick jumpers. I am not complaining, its just a point of fact. :)

Keep warm out there!

November 5th, 2012 by