Off to Moorfields for the Big One

So today is it. In about 45 minutes I will head out the door and catch the train to Moorfields and have my eye removed. Its not an every day occurrence, but I have had four operations at that fabulous place already so I am rather cool about it. Admittedly this is the big one and I will now only have one functioning eye for the rest of my life. The thought of going completely blind terrorizes me. I readily confess ever since I needed my first pair of glasses the fear of loosing my sight has been my biggest fear and now it has come to pass in one of my eyes.

But that said, we have to face what we have to with a positive attitude or else we may as well not be here.

The sad part is that I have to do all this alone and some how after the op get home alone. I have asked favours in the past for help getting back and feel I can’t ask any more. I have had enough of being dependent on others and feeling unable to cope. This is the last time I hope that I will need a major operation.

Strangely I have no fear about it.

June 29th, 2010 by