New Video Production – Margate

Margate Pier

Margate Pier, now gone.

I am very excited about the new video I intend to make about the classic British seaside town of Margate in Kent, well on the Isle of Thanet to be precise. I have been reading and researching old tour guides from the 19th Century and they are fascinating. Did you know there was and still is an asylum for the Deaf and Dumb? The Sea Bathing Hospital, the first of its kind in the Uk and possible the rest of the world was in Margate also. Now alas being transposed into luxury flats, but one time a convalescence hospital for Londoners, particularly children, who enjoyed the benefits and treatment of fresh air and sea water dipping!
Margates Sea Bathing Hospital

Margates Sea Bathing Hospital

Its a magnificent Georgian building, built in Palladian style complete with Roman Pediment and Doric columns. Fabulous!

There is loads to see and explore and I can’t wait to get the camera down there and start filming and piece together a documentary about it with Mr. Pegram, my trusty side kick. There was a pier to which the famous Margate Hoys arrived from London with their holiday makers and later the steam packets, but alas it was destroyed in a storm in 1978 and is no more.

September is the time when new productions and other video stuff shall be coming out and the Vobes Vault members will be in for a treat!

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