New Video for the Vobes Vault

I have been aware that I have not been adding as much content for the members of the Vobes Vault as I should have been and not that the eye is better and finally sorted out I have no more excuses. That is why I have added a new Vobes Video to the Vault today. It is a trip I made earlier in the year in the height of my eye problems and before it was extracted to Bunhill Fields. This is the last of the City’s burial grounds which houses an amazing 120,000 graves. Many were the bones from the charnel house at St. Pauls. It was thought that thousands must have come from the great plague of 1666 although historians now do not think that is the case.

I will be making more videos for the Vobes Vault and the members, as well as some free ones. I am a great supporter of the subscription method for web services and media content. I am not in favour of advertisements in general and one cannot afford to give everything away for free on the Internet unless you have very big pockets. We all have to make a living and without income I could not fund these videos and podcasts.

If you are not a member, I do hope that you will support the efforts of the Vobes and join up. Its only £2 a month, about a pint a year for good audio and video content from a dedicated media producer.

October 29th, 2010 by