Networking – just not my thing!

mediatrsteventSome people thrive at it, others loath it and I am definitely the former! Give me a camera, a microphone, a typewriter and I will get on and make something. Please don’t stick me in a room with a bunch of media types and ask me to engage with them. It scares me witless. Yes I hate it.
Yesterday I was in London. I had to nip to Moorfields to have my eye polished. I have an ocular prosthesis in my left eye after a bug ate the cornea and replacements couldn’t be attached – so once a year I pop up to famous eye hospital at Old Street in London and they really do polish it. So, with a twinkle in my eye, I went off to a series of engagements I had set up that day to take advantage of being up in the smoke.
The first of these was lunch with the chaps from the Community Channel (they broadcast my TV show The Bald Explorer) and we had a chat about the future, the new things they were bringing to the screen and areas where there might be some funding for my programme. Next up, I dashed across town, to meet up with a lady from the BBC who had been part of the Presentable course I had been on last year at the BBC. The presenters week hadn’t been a great success, at least as far as my expectations were concerned, and this lady was keen to hear my issues and, because she had faith in me, wanted to see how she and the BBC might help get me either some production work and/or into some presenting. It is not and easy task it would appear.
Apart from the fire alarm, where the building we were in was evacuated, we had a productive chat – I say that, but I am not sure I am anymore forward in my oddball chosen career.
So on to the next event then – an invite to a launch with the Media Trust, the National Lottery and the Community Channel which was taking place at Channel 4 in Horseferry Road, near Victoria. Handy for me to grab the train home afterwards.
I walked there this time – it was a fabulous evening, even for October and Big Ben, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square was beautifully lit up. It was rush hour and consequently took and an hour and a half to get to the TV station offices.
Once signed in and passes received, I helped myself to a glass of red wine and inspected the various little exhibition stands that were set up. All very interesting and fun. Speeches and entertainment followed, which was great and then… horror for me, it was a chance to mingle and ‘network’ with one another. Now I am not good at this stuff. I get a panic attack. A room full of a hundred or more executives, all high up and knowledgeable, walking the walk, talking the talk – and me, not knowing anyone and feeling a prune and out of place, like a fish out of water. Too scary!
I slipped out and escaped to the southbound train and whizzed home. Not my thing at all. :)

October 18th, 2013 by