My lovely car

I have been driving along aware that there was an awful knocking noise underneath the car for a while and all this time thinking I must go and have that looked at. I say thinking, I mean dreading, as every time you take the car to a garage you know it will cost a small fortune. There is always some thing that needs fixing, replacing or repairing and nothing is cheap these days.

So it was this time round when I eventually popped the car in to my motor repair shop. A spring had gone. Not any kind of spring, a big fat very important spring had partly rusted away and was causing the car to dangerously knock against the remainder of it has it traversed the British lump ridden roads. There were also a couple of other things that need replacing and doing and the total damage was £230, no small figure when you don’t earn very much at the best of times.

However, all that aside. Driving the car home was like driving a new vehicle and it was wonderful. It wasn’t just that the knocking noise had completely vanished, the car just seemed to be solid again, safe and a pleasure to drive. I do love my little car and I am thrilled that it is well again!

October 2nd, 2010 by