Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor
I have just finished my book on Mary Tudor. I didn’t know anything about this queen. I have the vague memory of being taught about Kings and Queens of England at school, but now I remember nothing from those days, so it was fascinating to read about her now.

Although most people will know Mary Tudor from her nickname Bloody Mary, a name given to her because she was relentless in her pursuit of Protestants and their burning. As she saw it they were heretic and following a false religion. If they wouldn’t recant and follow Catholicism then they would be tied to a stake and faggots set fire about them and they would die in a horrible and agonising way.

But there was much more to her than that, particularly in her early life and how she was dreadfully treated by her father Henry VIII.

I have ordered a second book about her to try and get a rounded view of her, as I do with most subjects and I look forward to it arriving soon.

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