Let down by Cineworld, Chichester.

Its half term and the kids have been working hard towards their respect exams. Billy, my youngest, had his 16th birthday a few weeks ago and Georgie will be celebrating her legal rights as an 18th year old. I thought as a nice gesture of thanks I would reward their hard work with a trip to Cineworld in Chichester to see the new Simon Pegg film, Paul. Its rated 15, so that okay, the kids are older and besides, I am with them, whats to worry about?

Chichester is 20 miles away from Worthing and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. We thought we have a fabulous time. But we were wrong. I bought the tickets from the machine, £8 an adult and I think £6.50 for students. it was quicker than queueing and the three of us walked to be guided to the screen.

‘Excuse me’, asked one of the attendants, ‘Have you any ID?’ Well, no. I am their father and I am telling you that they are both over 15. Also, how is a 16 year old supposed to identify himself if he/she doesn’t have a passport or isn’t as yet in College? You get a student card when you go to college, and Billy will have that in September. His birthday is in early February. And sorry, I didn’t think to bring a birth certificate to a cinema!

So I now feel that Cineworld, Chichester has called me a liar and insult me by doing so, ruined our evening by not advising us that there were checking us before hand, especially when we went their a couple of weeks a go to see The Mechanic and wasn’t asked at all!

There are other places to go to watch films and I shall not be hurrying along to Cineworld anytime soon. Some one else can have my custom.

February 23rd, 2011 by