Ipswich – a quick impression

An Old Timbre Framed House in Ipswich

I was working in Ipswich the other day and had a couple of hours to kill between video appointments so decided to have a look at the old town. I was splendidly delighted to see plenty of 16th Century timber framed houses scattered about the main market town and many of these quite grand. The most impressive was the Old Oak Inn, apparently the oldest building in Ipswich and now sadly a solicitors office. It was huge with enormous amounts of upright oak struts displaying its wealth and importance at the time.

I scarcely had time to take it all in when I was required to return, but I did manage to take in a fabulous artisan cheese shop selling not only some remarkable and extremely tasty mature cheddar, which I promptly purchased, but also a huge range of locally brewed beers! I was in my element and chatting enthusiastically with the proprietor for many minutes.

There were some other fabulous buildings, including a wonderful and ancient church that apparently still has its original set of bells and the outer shell of the Great White Horse Inn, once a fabulous Georgian coaching inn, very grand and proud and now regrettably relegated to being the home of one in a chain of well known American coffee shops that certainly does not need my help in advertising.

I would love to return and explore of this curious ancient market town and make a documentary about it.

September 30th, 2010 by