HMS Warrior trip

HMS Warrior
Giles Babbidge and I popped over to the wonder Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth to meet up with archivist and historian Andrew Bains on board the resplendent HMS Warrior for a special guided audio tour. And what a tour it was.

Not only was Andrew extremely patient with all my novice questions, he was knowledgeable beyond belief and the perfect host as we examined every nook and cranny of this remarkable and incredibly important historic ship. The first iron hulled, part sail, part steam war ship in the world! Built in 1860 it was an example of the state of the art technology in Victorian Britain and, at the time, one of the proudest achievements that the Royal Navy had produced.

HMS Warrior - gun deck

Both Giles and I were astonished at the sheer size of the vessel and how it was armed for battle. The Navy had thought of everything to keep the ship in pristine condition and at the ready for action in virtually any battle is was called for. Incredibly, it never fired a shot in anger in its brief 22 year commissioned history.

HMS Warrior

Listen to a sample of the audio tour on Thursday’s Vobes Show. There will be much more in the Vobes Vault just as soon as I have had a chance to edit it into some sort of shape.

Most importantly, if you get the chance to ever visit Portsmouth, make sure you take a trip to the Historic Dockyard and have a look at the fabulous exhibits there. From the Mary Rose museum,  HMS Victory and the startling HMS Warrior, you cannot help but amazed and impressed by the immense history and achievement by the fabulous Royal Navy. No wonder Britain ruled the waves!

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