Happy Now? Bad service from Ask

My sister had come to visit whom I hadn’t seen for many years and we decided to celebrate with a visit to Ask in Warwick St, in Worthing taking my two teenage children with us. Initially the service was adequate and pretty average, although the prices reflected on the menu were a little high. So I expected that the food would be something special.

I ordered the spaghetti bolognese as I was in the mood for something safe and filling. The portion was quite small, not much bigger than a starter size, the plate was cold and consequently the food wasn’t very hot. It wasn’t especially tasty, but there wasn’t anything intrinsically wrong with it other amount and temperature. Initially I didn’t make a fuss as it was a family affair and we all had our meals at the same time and we wanted to eat together.

After the meal and when we came to pay I mentioned these facts to the waitress mainly to give feedback. She looked blankly at me and simply stated, ‘But you ate it’. Yes I I ate it, I was rather hoping to eat more of it, but there wasn’t much and it was tepid.

I wasn’t overly wanting to make too much of a fuss, but instead any apology and any attempt to appease me, she went on the defensive. Because of that, I then asked perhaps if she might reflect my dissatisfaction in the price. Eventually she marched off and came back begrudgingly having removed the cost of the item from the bill and slapping it down on the table she asked ‘Happy now?’

Needless to say any thought of returning to that establishment had vanished from my mind.

February 21st, 2012 by