Getting Back to Normal

Its been hard work getting back into the routine after the bank holiday break. The nice thing is that I managed to get some audio recorded which is now in the Vobes Vault. If you missed it it is the walk over the Carding Mill Valley with myself and Harriet. A marvellous walk that I would totally recommend if you are ever that way. Great views and smashing fresh air.

Today I have been working on the animation sequence for the titles of the new TV show that Jeff and I are working on. I have been chatting to Mr. Pegram who is going to doing a lot of the filming whilst I prance about and attempt to entertain and keep people amused and educated. I have some video jobs on that need my attention first of all and then it is go go go for the Vobes stuff.

Still waiting for clients to sent graphics to me for the completion of a job I have in hand. Its annoying because until then I cannot send the invoice out and I need the cash as I am running low. All this jaunting off to the Shropshire Hills is depleting what little I have and I need plenty to invest in the new Vobes Video stuff.

September 1st, 2010 by