Frustrated by the eye…

I know many of you don’t particularly wish to hear about my eye problems as that’s about the only subject I have been going on about for the past three years. How do you think I feel about it having to live with it every single day? It has paused my career, caused me much pain, stopped me from going outside on many occasions, made me feel sad and unhappy about myself and last year drove me close to suicide from the extreme pain.

Now that work has dried up again and I think this is the time to focus on really promoting the show and getting out and doing more on location recordings, but I just cannot do much because of the flipping eye.

I do think a lot of people think that a small irritation in the eye is livable with and that it will eventually go away. But eventually is a ruddy long time and meanwhile life is passing me by and I feel wretched about myself and lost opportunities.

On more than one occasion I have asked the doctors to remove the eye and they have continually persuaded me to stick with it, but when I do their medicines and surgery just seems to fail. Having had three failing cornea transplants I am not terrible hopeful of having any more and beginning to wonder that I should simple demand a replacement plastic eye and be done with it.

Then perhaps I can give the rest of my life and the chosen field of podcasting a chance to succeed.

April 8th, 2010 by