Fashionable shoes

As a rule I don’t do fashion. I would have no idea what was fashionable if it jumped up and bit me on the bum. Worst of all, I am dreadful when buying clothes. Is this item too young for me? Will I look like mutton dressed as lamb. Is it cool or nerdy?

I would like to look OK and I don’t wish to stick out either as a badly dressed yokel or as a ‘right on’ fashion victim. So whenever I go clothes shopping, as a male in my mid forties, I have to take a women who can assess and guide me as to what looks reasonable on my strange frame.

I have just purchased a pair of Converse shoes. These reminded me of what we used to term ‘pumps’ when I was back in school and were used in the gym or playground in sports lessons. However these £35 shoes are all the rage apparently and will make me more socially acceptable. So I relented and purchased a pair. Of course they looked great when I eventually got my stubborn donkey like mind to actually try them on. The seemed to work very well along side my new GAP jeans. Yeah, I had to buy a new pair of those too.

So along with a few tops, shorts, jeans and Converse shoes I look the business. I am a trendy one eyed man that apparently all the girls will turn and wolf whistle. Ha! That will be the day, but you can dream, can’t you?

June 15th, 2010 by