Facebook, Twitter and other digital blogs

I have made a decision. I have deleted and got rid of all posts on my Facebook account prior to 2013. The Bald Explorer page is fine, just the personal one. Not that I have uploaded anything I am ashamed at or want to hide particularly, but because I want to manage my digital life, not them.

Fortunately I have this blog where I shall put my digital information which people if they wish and using a search engine people can find it. I have started to be very wary about all the digital stuff out in the open. I always have and only post relevant stuff generally to my projects.

The right to be forgotten, or to remove my own content as and when I wish must remain with me. If I die, I want my children or next of kin to be able to access my accounts and access memories of me, if they wish to. Facebook locks you out. So, my digital world on Facebook is going to be restricted to a few months at a time and then removed. I can store my stuff else where. Simple.

As to Twitter? Well, judging from the response I get from posts on that, I think barely any sees anything I tweet, so shall cut right back. There is so much noise out there as it is and when you don’t tweet or post on Facebook, no one notices anyway.

Notice the words. I will cut back, not stop. There is a difference. I do believe that a blog is a far better place to communicate and it stops the timeline getting clogged with pictures of sodding cats, dogs and stupid so called witty puzzles and wisecracks. Jeez.

May 5th, 2013 by