Fabulous Weekend

Harriet and I in Salisbury
Apart from the bad news from Moorfields about the small nodule of Cancer that was found on the back of the eye that was removed from my head last month, I have had a fabulous weekend. My friend Harriet popped down to stay a few days after our trip recently to Dorset and Wiltshire.

It was fabulous to visit the Georgian town of Blandford Forum and to stay over in a delightful bed and breakfast in Farnham called The Museum. Although it was a fleeting visit it made a great change, particularly after the ordeal of the eye operation and the heart stopping rush to another hospital. I don’t seem to do things by halves in my life do I?

I enjoyed Salisbury trip also, although the weather was very much against us that day and the amount of tourists seeping out of the woodwork.

Harriet enjoyed her stay at the pink house and recording a Vobes Show with me on Monday, but now she has gone, it is back to work on the content and research for new projects.

July 26th, 2010 by