Everyone wants video, yet audio is great!

So here is the dilemma. You all want video. I don’t blame you it a great medium and it pays my bills at the moment. I am not doing the stuff I would like to film, but the corporate testimonials and so forth,  are alright from a commercial point of view but they do not satisfy my artistic need.

Now I love the video medium, but I just want to do it properly. The Internet is full of cheaply made videos. On a shoestring is fine, but amateur and sloppy really annoys me. I think people will not tolerate poorly made programming for long and are likely to gravitate back to the the comfort and quality of the television.

Now when I refer to quality, I am talking about the camerawork, the sound recording, the graphics and presentation. To be honest, that is relatively easy to get right, even if the production techniques are kept simple. It is the content of the programme that is not so easy.

For example, one of my projects is to go and film the exploits of Matthew Hopkins, the famous Witchfinder General who was responsible for at least 100 so called witches being hanged within eighteen months.

How, I continually ask myself, do you make it interesting, informative and produced on a shoestring? Its a problem. You see, I would want to have some reenactment footage, interviews with experts, on location investigation and nice graphics.

This is where the word shoestring goes right out of the window, because when you use video EVERYTHING costs money. People want to be paid to be interviewed on camera, re-enactment footage, whether real or bought is costly, you need additional people to assist with filming and they at the very least need feeding and transporting to the locations. To sum up then, to do it nicely, so that you can change and recover the expenses of making it, costs money. There is no two ways about it.

Audio on the other hand is so different. As soon as you remove the visual aspect you open the possibilities to so much more. For a start, you don’t have to dumb down the content. You can include short readings, poetry and voices. Sound effects are cheap, appropriate atmosphere is simple to produce and people don’t mind being interviewed for free on ‘radio’. The production of radio or podcasting is very simple, just as artistic, technical and full of problems to solve, but the end result equally stimulating and interesting and cheap!

But, everyone wants video. Its what sells. Its what you can charge for. But for some reason, unless I am very wrong, people just do not seem to want to pay for audo.

Its a dilemma that frustrates me so much.

May 24th, 2010 by