Does Social Media Work?

A question I continual struggle with is, as the title of this blog post asks, does the various types of social media do what it says it does on the tin? The answer has to be that it certainly seems to for some, but for others, and unfortunately I have to include myself in this category, it drastically falls short of those promises.

The trap I fell into, many years ago now, was believing a friend of mine who said that if you cannot get Muhammad to go to the mountain, then take the mountain to him. The inference was that if you are struggling to get a television programme idea accepted by the broadcasters then use another source of transmission device to reach your audience. I am talking about the Internet.

While the Internet had revolutionized many businesses, making communications quicker, faster and cheaper and with it purchasing products and services less tedious and tiresome, it has offered a lot of promises which I have discovered, for me, it does not keep.

Despite the fact that millions of people are wired to the web via their various computers and mobile devices and access to content is available in milliseconds, getting enough people to find, like and enjoy my productions has been a struggle. Social media was supposed to change all that, but it appears to have let me down too.

Presumably because it works for many others, it is down to the way I use it and the content I provide. There is no silver bullet and the task is to find the right way of using the tools currently available to me and adapt the content that I make to suit the possible audience.

The snag, however, and a truism at that, is that even if you do, this audience still expects to have the content I produce, whether podcast or video made available for free. To tell the truth, I have run out of the resources and inclination to do that any more.

July 25th, 2012 by