Does Social Media REALY work?

I suppose it depends what you use it for. Or am I missing a trick?

I record podcasts, make videos and write blogs. I like to tell people about these things, just as I see other do likewise. However, although I constantly Tweet or put messages on Facebook or post blog posts on my RSS feeds, I cannot make the same number of connections or obtain the results as many others do – and I wonder why?

The snag is, when you work a lone, you need to be highly motivated to continuously make new content. You also need feedback and know that what you put out to the world is being watched, read or listened to. But is the world getting the message? It would appear not.

I am beginning to think that Twitter and Facebook have become too noisy. Too many people are shouting ‘Hey look at me!’ and posting their life story and not enough are actually bothering to look at the posts that have been posted.

I am sure that the marketing companies can make loads of money from selling books and workshops on how to make Twitter work for business promotions – the idea is great; a free way to market a product or service! Isn’t that what everyone wants, but, does it really work? I am no longer convinced.

From my observations, Twitter is too noisy now. It is like being in a sweet shop. So many tweets, so many links to articles, videos, websites or Facebook posts and in the end, hard to choose what to click on. And of course, it’s biggest drawback is that if you don’t happen to be on the programme at the time and looking at the main feed – you miss the tweets anyway. They are fleeting and soon gone.

Perhaps that is a blessing?

Maybe there is something knew around the corner, and I don’t mean Pinterest and variations of social media. Who knows? But for the moment, I am not convinced any of it really and truly works.

July 24th, 2013 by