Creative Vado HD

The Creative Vado HD camera is a handy little gadget for bringing out at social events or holidays and capturing clips or short little movies of friends and family. I bought one to have a go at some video blogging. I had to send it back after a couple of days though. There were for me a few things that didn’t work right. Firstly, the picture quality was too warm for inside lighting and the facial tones far too red alas and there is no adjustment for that, so really its an outdoor use camera only. Very limiting. Next, it shakes to buggery in the hand, because it is so small and apmlified due to being widescreen, especially when blown up on a TV, which is extremely irritating. The picture is saved as an MP4 which is nice, so that it is easily uploaded straight to YouTube and places like that, so not bad for the price of the thing. I didn’t like the picture quailty much as it sill looked pixelated. Also I put a pro microphone in to the jack and it didn’t record much better than the internal naff on board mic.

I think that for the price as a nifty quick shoot video camera it is OK for happy snappers, but as I wanted something small to do a job of work, it didn’t make it for me. Thanks to the wonders that is Amazon, I was able to send it back as Not Fit For Purpose and get my money back. So I am still looking for a suitable gadget…

August 27th, 2010 by