Bridgnorth Visitation

Harriet and I took a trip last Sunday to Bridgnorth to have a look at this Shropshire town and upon discovering the Victorian Cliff Railway we gave up a pound sterling and ventured aboard. Have a look at the video of our mini adventure on the Video Page.

There are two parts to the town of Bridgnorth, the High Town and Low Town, and as the names suggest, one a sandstone promontory with a cliff face leading down to the other. The main town centre is perched up at the top complete with old gate house, timber framed town hall on stonepiers and the ramains of a Norman Castle. Below flows the River Severn under the North Bridge, north that is from Quatford, the original dwelling. There was a quay here where in time gone by wherries and barges would have delivered their supplies.

One of the fascinating things for me was remnants of hermits houses that were once built into the sandstone rock face of the cliff or the caves that had been inhabited until the beginning of the 20th Century. One such cave had the legend of having been dug out during the English Civil War by Colonel Lavington, a Parlementarian, in an attempt to tunnel under and up to the castle above where the Royalist were staking out. Its know locally as Lavington’s Hole.

I shall be going back again to do some proper video documentary work as part of my new Vobes Explorer project.

February 19th, 2011 by