Billy updates from 3rd August

Here is the update on Billy Lindsey. We have all seen the consultant and everything has been explained. So here is the thing…

Billy is stable and recovering from the initial crisis of the bleeding in the brain. The trouble he has at this precise moment is for his body to get rid of the blood that is mixed with the natural brain fluid in his skull. It can take a long time – another week or more for that to happen, in which period he will suffer headaches and bouts of drowsiness.

With luck, there will no more bleeding and he will be moved to a ward where he will be off the critical list. Assuming that goes well he will be allowed to come home. He will not be allowed to smoke, as that is the worst thing he can do. Nicotine is a menace for the brain.

In two months, thereabouts, after this, he will need to go to either London or Sheffield for a special procedure, which is a process using something rather nasty called a Gamma Knife – its a type of radio surgery where a small blood vessel will be cut out of his brain. It is very precise and avoid intrusive normal surgery.

The up shot is, that with luck, youth and healthy living, Billy should be ok – there are plenty of room for errors and the process could go into danger at anytime, but every day that passes with out incident is a day closer to recovery.

Thanks for your well wishes and thoughts, we do appreciate them. I am sure Billy will enjoy reading the comments when he eventually gets out.

For now, I just hope the pain is not too much or too long, so meanwhile we are remaining close to him.
We gave Billy Lindsey his phone earlier today and an hour or so a go I texted him to say how much we all loved him. Billy texted back that he loved us and was ok – but really wanted the pain to stop. I want it to stop for him too.

When I had my eye problem, which I eventually had to have it removed, I was in pain many times over the four years. The last nine weeks of constant headaches was dreadful and I remember how I felt I wanted to die rather than let it go on.

My friend Nigel Cooper said to me, among others, it will pass. I couldn’t see how it would and all I wanted was for it to do that there and then. I can imagine that Billy is in the same situation and just wants it to stop.

I know it will. But I want it to stop much more quickly than mine problems took – and yes, if I could, I would swap with Billy without hesitation. I cannot stop thinking or worrying about him until it is over.

I love him to bits!

August 4th, 2013 by