Back to Worthing

Breakfast in Shropshire
Its Tuesday morning and I am packing my bags. I have had a fabulous break from being a dad, a podcaster and entertainer. Its been wonderful to see my friend Harriet and have some laughs, good walks and fun in Shropshire, but it is time to return to the seaside town that I call home.

As I type this I am having some homemade damson jam on fresh toast. Oh the life of luxury of it all. Harriet is very kind and has been looking after me as if I were a king. She calls me her Buff Man, but let go in to that!

The haute cuisine up here has been full on, with fresh cooked breakfasts, eggs straight from the hens bottom, locally sourced bacon and home grown tomatoes, figs, greengages, runner beans and delicious fruits teas.

So I shall miss all this, but podcasting and video production beckons and the kids need their daddy. Stanley, my eldest at university needs his rent paying this month for a start, poor bugger ! So return to the fold I must go!

Back, and keep this quiet, I shall be back! :)

August 31st, 2010 by