Away From The Beach Hut

I have been away from the Beach Hut again and back up to Shropshire to see my friend Harriet. We have had a fab time making recordings for the show including a trip to the Georgian county town of Montgomery just over the boarder into Wales and its castle, and a climb up to the Pole Bank to get the stunning panoramic views of the county and the endless rolling hills. That was particularly breath taking. You don’t get that in Worthing!

Harriet is becoming more confident on the recordings too and is now happily adding great comments as we walk and talk on these expeditions which is marvelous and adds to the texture of the show.

The nice thing of having a friend to stay with for a few days when they live a fair distance from home is that you get a chance to really explore and discover new places. You don’t just end up at all the usual tourist traps. We made that mistake a couple of weeks ago in Salisbury. It was the wrong time of year to go and consequently full of tourists which took away the sense of wonder when you first visit a place.

While up in Shrewsbury I also had the opportunity to meet up with radio presenter and Vobes Show listener Tom Campbell, which was fabulous too. We had a stroll around the town and a couple of coffee’s one Sunday morning.

One thing I wanted to do whilst up in this neck of the woods was to make a video documentary about the town and the Vobes feelings towards it. Its very historic and there is loads to look at and find out about. Alas the weather wasn’t very favourable and although I could have filmed some thing I was a little fussy about the lack of good lighting and sunshine to do it justice. I will just have to return in the future wont I?

August 10th, 2010 by