Another Two Weeks for Billy

We have heard that Billy shall be staying with the Haywards Heath crowd for another 14 days. His condition is slowly improving, we believe, but I am not sure how much the doctors are telling us of their suspicions of the true situation. The deal we were given was that once Billy is stable and free from pain he would be able to come home, then after two months, he’d be off to Sheffield to receive treatment from something called the Gamma Knife. Now all that is in question. He may have to stay a further two weeks in the Princess Royal, then come home for a a few days, then return for another procedure (the name escapes me) where the doctors insert a tube with coloured dye inside his main artery from the groin up to his brain. Billy has already had this procedure once – it helps to determine the extent of the bleeding and subsequent damage, and/or any further operations of medical interventions required. If the results from this are good, he may not require the gamma knife after-all.

One thing this tells you is to take each day as it comes. The story will unfold in its own way and at its own pace and regardless of what you think will happen, things will change. Naturally, it is quite frustrating as the family cannot plan, work, relations or other necessary life stuff too far in advance.

August 6th, 2013 by