After the operation

New taped up look
So after a rather strange and unusual experience I am back in Worthing minus an eye. The days of the gammy eye are now well and truly gone and I ‘look’ (excuse the pun) forward to an exciting future of lots of fun and games in the show and success.

The next few weeks will prove tricky coping without the prosthetic replacement and then having it fitted finally. I will look human again – after all this time! I am excited.

I do feel very positive about the future and the things I can achieve. I know I have said this each time I had the cornea replacement operations, but now this is different. There is no cornea to go wrong and the bug has been removed once and for all with the dead eye. There are no regrets only positive thoughts to the possibilities open to me and the future of the show.

I will take all you wonderful listeners and fans with me on the next exciting journey! Welcome aboard, its going to be fun!

July 3rd, 2010 by