Activity in the Vobes Vault

I know that many members are renewing their subscriptions to the Vobes Vault at the moment and I thank you very much for that. I wanted to just advise everyone that there will not be a huge amount of activity and new programming in there for a month or so as I count down the days to the operation on my eye.

Firstly I need to be available for any cancellation opportunity that arises and secondly with the continuing eye pain at the moment I cannot guarantee that I will be able to get out and attend interviews. I will very try to do as many things adhoc and on the spare of the moment where possible of course.

The operation is set for 29th June and there will be a period after that when I will not be able to do anything. Once I have the new eye, all the plans and projects that I am preparing in this ‘downtime’ will start roll out with gusto and limitless enthusiasm.

So, do stick with the Vobes over this sticky period. The daily show will continue where I can as well as the Naked Englishman podcast.

May 30th, 2010 by