Acid Drops

Having been to Moorfields yesterday and been encouraged to try and keep the eye for as long as possible, I was prescribed new drops to try. These, the name currently escapes me, are like putting acid drops into the eye. There is a second of coldness then a massive amount of stinging. It really feels each time they are administered some one has places a red hot poker in the eye. The soring pain desists fortunately after a couple of minutes and the eye is left numb and streaming. About five minutes later the eye feels better and in just sore but bearable. The sad fact is, that is the first of three drops that I am required to place in the eye, every hour, even at night for the first three days, then every two hours there after. After another two days, it eases off to six times a day. Talk about an assaultment!

For the time being I have taken to placing black electrical tape on the inside of my glasses to blacken out the left side. I am fed up with seeing the gammy eye when I catch myself in the mirror and it also protects it from the harsh sunlight which usually causes it to wince and shut.

The prognosis is that I will require a further cornea replacement, my forth, but who is counting. I am not so worried about that, but the six to eight weeks that I am back on the awful steroids to prevent it from rejecting. Of course, the more transplants you have the greater the risk of rejection.

It isn’t so much living with the problem that concerns me. It is living with it while trying to make a living in media that is extremely difficult. As I try to build up the business of the podcasting show and get out more to make better recordings, the prospect of another operation and the daily inserting drops and the whole manner of having a weird and scary looking eye does not help.

I will get through it though and one day I wont have to mention the eye ever again. Roll on that day! :)

April 13th, 2010 by