A Walk Around Shrewsbury

Vobes in Shrewsbury
I have had a splendid day today with my very good friend Harriet, who grew up in this remarkable county market town. I have been stunned by the vista of row upon row of Elizabethan timber framed houses. It is indeed a very proud and upright place. There must have been plenty of money flowing through the fingers of the merchant tradesmen as their property just exudes wealth. You can tell this from the copious amount of large oak beams and struts used to construct these magnificent buildings that so ostentatiously flaunt themselves from the winding high streets.

The Welsh Bridge

The town is almost surrounded by the river Severn which hugs it close like a maternal protector and is accessed by numerous bridges of varying ages. The so named ‘English’ Bridge now wider than its original construction dates from 1768, but the ‘Welsh’ bridge appears to be much older. If you have a spare five new pence in your pocket you can cross the Kingsland Bridge, one of the few remaining toll bridges in the country and the reason they can still charge is that it is privately owned, much to the annoyance of the modern day motorist.

Harriet was a wealth of knowledge on her home town and it was a thrill to follow her on this short walk as we recorded our podcast. Do check it out on the Vobes main site.

Rowans House Museum

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