A Trip to Winchester

The Great Hall
Georgie, my lovely daughter and I took a fabulous trip to Winchester yesterday to explore the town. For me it is a chance to see what paces I want to explore in the future and arrange interviews and proper audio tours. For Georgie it is time with her dad, and me time with my daughter too, which has been brilliant.

We wondered around the town and surrounding area, looking at the ancient buildings and ruins of an old palace. I have recorded a sort of podcast as I walked, but it is a bit of a mumbling observation of what I see. Some people say they like this style of recording but I find it long winded, boring and uninformed. But you have to do what the listeners like.

In the evening, Georgie booked into the Bed and Breakfast establishment and popped out for an Indian meal and a gentle walk around the area. Very jolly.

Wincester Cathedral

April 9th, 2010 by